Cracker – gas generator / incinerator

This cracker available with 2 different power levels generates process gas (NH3c) and/or burns exit gas from heat treatment furnaces (at atmospheric or low pressure levels) in order to comply with applicable emission standards.

European emission standard-compliant and certified by several organizations.

In gas generator mode (cracked ammonia), it considerably reduces the cost of producing a protective atmosphere compared to hydrogen..

Technical specifications

GCJM-2 : 10.8 kW
GCJM-3 : 21.6 kW

2000 x 750 x 775 mm

NH3 < 0.0042 g/hour (limit to 10 g/h)
NOx = 46.3 mg/Nm3 sec (limit to 100 mg/Nm3 sec)


GCJM-2 cracker with burner and electrical cabinet